The Best 5 Tips For Decorating With Color In Your Home

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Tip 2. Use the 60:30:10 rule. Most of the time, you’ll probably have the same color walls throughout the  home, but if you choose to have a feature wall or two, ensure that the feature wall is about 30% of the room. The remaining 10% is for a third, deeper color that can either be a feature wall or be from furniture. If the proportions are higher, your room can look disjointed.

Tip 3. With wall decor that’s subtle in color, choose light colored walls.

Your wall decor should be a highlight, and not overpowered by the color behind it. This is why neutral colored walls such as beige and related colors are not only pleasing to most people, they compliment both light and richly  colored wall decor.

On the other hand, richly colored wall decor will be complimented by either a light or richly colored background. But there’s one condition here. With a rich  background, such as a red painted wall or red patterned wallpaper, it will work  well as long as there’s some matching between these.

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