The 5 Most Popular Countertops.

5 Cool countertops. Which are best for youThe 5 most popular countertops

Various kitchen countertop options are available in the market today. Every material has its pros and cons. You can either choose natural materials like wood and stone or opt for man-made materials like ceramic tiles, laminate and  concrete. Here’s a list of materials you can choose from:

1. Wood. Teak, oak, maple and cherry are the popular varieties of woods used for  kitchen countertops. The cost may vary according to the type of wood used.  Although requiring regular maintenance, wood is a great choice for kitchen  surfaces.

2. Stone. Stone like marble and granite are a popular choice for a kitchen worktop.  They are not only durable and attractive, but also increase the value of your  home. Quartz is another option costing around same as granite or marble.

Of the three materials, quartz is the hardest and least porous, followed by granite and marble. Hardness ensures durability and less porosity gives lesser scope for the growth of bacteria ensuring hygiene.

3. Stainless steel. Stainless steel is another good kitchen counter option. It is particularly  popular in commercial kitchens. These countertops are durable, and stain and  heat resistant. Being non porous, such surfaces are also hygienic. Stainless steel countertops tend to pick up scratches. You can prevent early defacement by opting for textured or brushed finish countertops.

4. Laminate and ceramic tile. Laminate and ceramic tile countertops are available in a variety of colors and patterns making it easy for you to match the countertop to the rest of the  kitchen décor. The per square foot cost of laminate can be a lot less than ceramic tile. Low maintenance needs of the laminate countertops make them a popular choice and they are certainly the lowest cost kitchen surface  option.

5. Concrete. These can weigh several hundred pounds and are usually poured onsite. Concrete kitchen countertops can cost more than granite per square foot. Being porous and having the property of retaining stains, concrete is not the best  choice. These countertops require a top sealant to prevent staining and early deterioration however they give you a unique contemporary look and feel.

The choice in kitchen countertop material is varied. Based on factors like  aesthetics, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and price, take your pick. The most popular option at the moment is granite. Prices have come down with low cost imported pre cut pieces available. Granite gives a clean high end look and  it works well with modern and traditional kitchens.

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