How To Save About $40 Per Month On Your Utilities

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As we all know there are a few different kinds of light bulbs to choose from. The cheapest are just regular 60/75/100 watt light bulbs. But now there are high efficiency bulbs, and they save so much money.

The option that I like are the CFLs. They’re a little more expensive than regular light bulbs, but a lot of times your power company will subsidize these bulbs, and make them really inexpensive. Where we live, our power company does this each year, and we get the bulbs for .25 cents. So this makes them cheap bulbs, and cheap on the power bill.

You can call your power company and see if they do this and when, and buy a year supply, so you won’t run out before the next sale.

 Here are the benefits of CFL’s. They use 75% less energy than regular light bulbs. Last about 10 times as long as regular light bulbs. They produce similar quality light as regular light bulbs (nothing like old-style fluorescents). They typically cost as little as $1.50. And they don’t generate ridiculous amounts of heat (which you would have to pay to remove with AC).

Here are the downsides: Most of them can’t be used with dimmer switches. Most start dim and take a minute or two to reach full brightness, the light put off is better than a regular bulb. They contain a tiny amount of mercury, which might be an issue if you break a bulb and you’re careless about how you clean it up.

Monthly Yearly 10 years
Cost with old bulbs: $37 $438 $4,383
Cost with CFL’s: $9 $105 $1,052
Savings: $28 $333 $3,331

This is just the electricity savings, it doesn’t take into account the money you’ll save buying the bulbs, and that’s where you’ll end up saving the rest of the money per month. This is especially important for large commercial applications, where the cost of labor to constantly replace old-style bulbs can be significant.

You’ll save even more in summer months, because CFL’s run cooler than old-style bulbs, so you’ll spend less money to cool your home or office.

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