How To Make Knock Off “Draino” Only 2 Ingredients

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Here you get to learn to make an effective and affordable drain cleaner, while feeling like a scientist. This homemade drain cleaner recipe will clear your drain out very well for only a portion of the cost of going out to buy a brand-name drain cleaner.

1. All you’re going to need is about a half a box of baking soda and some vinegar. Follow these steps and watch your drain clear out:
· First, pour half a box of baking soda down your drain.
· Next, pour  vinegar in your drain to create the foaming action, allowing the mix to break down and eat through the grime of your drain.
· Let the foam settle down and repeat the previous step, pouring vinegar to create the foaming action until there’s no baking soda left.
· Let your drain sit untouched for about 30  minutes, so that the process may be more effective.
· Finally, flush the drain with hot water to clear any remaining debris.

This method is perfect for clearing out your drain if you notice that it is draining slowly; however, what can you do if time isn’t on your side, and the homemade drain cleaner didn’t work as well as you hoped? Here are a few more solutions on unclogging a drain if the homemade drain cleaner isn’t strong enough for the severity of your case, and you don’t have the time to utilize professional help from a plumbing company:

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