How To Get And Keep Your Grass Green

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2. Aerate your lawn in the springtime. There are usually people that will go around neighborhoods and do it fairly cheaply. The process of aeration makes small holes in the surface of your lawn, allowing water, nutrients and air access to the roots. Aeration allows better drainage, which reduces runoff.

3. Use Fertilizer. There are a lot to choose from. There are your normal fertilizers that you can get at any hardware/yard store. There are organic fertilizers, and you can also make your own.  If you put a cup of Ammonia (nitrogen source) into a five gallon pail of water and a cup of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), mix and throw it on your lawn with a cup it will make the grass greener. The Nitrogen stimulates green foliage and the magnesium sulfate makes the foliage retain water so the foliage is thicker and greener. After you throw it on your lawn, hose down the grass to make the chemicals go down into the roots. This is way cheaper than Nitrogen based grass fertilizer and works well on grass.

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