How To Clean A Bathroom The Right Way

How to clean a bathroom the right way.

Before you go into the bathroom, bring; garbage can liner, paper towels, rags, windex, clorox clean up, and lysol toilet bowl cleaner.

Once you get in there, pull out the full garbage, tie it, and replace the liner.

Before any cleaning is done, I spray down the bathroom. This way, I don’t have to scrub as much. I start with the the mirrors, then the sink, then the toilets. To go in that order you can get away with one rag without wiping toilet germs on the sink.

Use the toilet wand and use it like a plunger, this pushes some water out of the toilet bowl, leaving that ring around the toilet exposed, and easier to get clean. Then put the toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet, and spray the mirror with windex, then the counters, outside of the toilet, floor and baseboards with the all purpose cleaner.

From there, wipe down the mirrors with a paper towel. Then use that damp paper towel to wipe all the dust off of the back of the toilet. Then use your rag; start with the sink, then the toilet seat, and the outside of the bowl, and floor, and baseboards. I fold my rag, and rinse in a way that I’m using a clean section each time I start a new area.

Then I grab the toilet wand that is kept in the bathroom, and really clean the inside of the toilet. The cleaner has had a chance to loosen the grime, and clean up around that inside rim, and everywhere else in there too.

Before I start the actual cleaning, I change all the garbages, and spray everything down in all the bathrooms.

I also just pick one shower/tub each week, and clean that. Then that way, they get cleaned once or twice a month.

When I’m spraying things down, I just put some comet in the tub if it’s porcelain, or tile cleaner if it’s tile. Then at the end, I just wipe down the tub or shower with a green nylon scrubber.

I do the bathroom floor’s when I’m doing the kitchen floors. That way I don’t have to get one more thing out. I wash my bath mats in the washer when I do the floors.

Once you get this system down, you’ll be so fast! Also, if you really are cleaning your bathroom once a week, it doesn’t get that dirty, and you can really fly through the bathrooms.

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