9 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Fabric

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When home decorating on a budget, one of the top designer tricks is using  fabric to freshen a room.  Here are nine things you can  do with just one yard of fabric!

1. Wrap it over a headboard or arm chair. Hem or tape under the edges of your yard of fabric, and wrap it around your  headboard or the back of a comfy chair to add sudden and simple style. Or drape  it over the back of an upholstered chair like a throw and tuck under the  cushion.

2. Make a custom roller shade the easy way. Use a fusible fabric shade kit to iron your fabric right onto a roller shade.  You can use a solid piece, or use strips of the fabric to create stripes or borders. You can find a kit at any home improvement store or you can DIY the project with fusible webbing found in the craft section.

3. Custom pillow pops. Add a pop of color to your rooms with a new pillow cover in your fabric. You  can either sew up a quickie cover yourself, or simply wrap an exiting pillow with the fabric. Pin it in back, or use creative items like costume jewelry or hair pins to attach the fabric to the pillow. Cut your fabric into wide strips,  and wrap a strip around every throw pillow in the room!

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