9 Simple Steps For Decorating Book Shelves

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One of the most functional pieces of furniture you can add to a room is a book shelf, or multiple book shelves. Book shelves that are properly decorated and organized add design to a room… and are functional.

Here are some step by step guidelines you can use to decorate and organize your book shelves so that they become a decorated focus in the room. I bet you have at least one set of cluttered book shelves  right now that need some attention.

1. Empty off all the shelves. This might be a chore, but in order for you to be successful in getting your book shelves looking awesome, you need to start with a clean slate. And it’s a good time to really dust!

2. As you are emptying your shelves be honest with yourself. What do you  really need to keep? You can make a donation or yard sale box of books that you will truly never look at again?

3. Organize your books & décor into several stacks. Sort by size.

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