8 Ways To Make Cheap Furniture Look Expensive.

8 Ways to make cheap furniture look expensive

 We can’t always buy everything new and expensive, but we can make good use out of the things we do have. Here are some tips to help make what you have look nicer, so you don’t have to replace anything, and you will even like it!

1. Add bead board to the back of a cheap bookshelf. Usually when you buy a cheaper book shelf, you get a thin board to just tack into the back of your shelf. If you get a big piece of bead board, and nail that on, it gives your book shelf a really fancy look.


2. Glaze your furniture. This is a cool look if you’ve bought something that is plain white, or cream. It works with any color. You pick the color of glaze that you want, then apply it with a rag. Once it’s on there, you wipe off the excess. This leaves the color just in the grooves. A lot of people do this to their cabinets.


3. Dry paint a plain surface. This is a really cool effect. It gives plain furniture a really “restoration hardware” look. You just get a little paint on a paint brush, and lightly brush it on to see all the strokes. Then brush off the excess on something else before you dip in, to get more paint. This looks really cool with a chalky paint. This is fun on an end table, or night stand.

4. Add molding to the top. We did this on a wooden cabinet that we have. It was a little plain. So we just put some molding right under the shelf. It adds so much value to the look of the shelf.

5. Put cool decorations on the furniture. If you have a decent piece of cheaper furniture you can dress it up, pulling your eye to the decorations, and away from the piece. If the top of your sofa table needs to be redone, you can put a runner and decorations of the top. This covers the problem area, and makes it look good too. That’s also a good tip if your dresser is lacking appeal.

6. Get cool chairs to go with a cheaper table. If you take the time to paint your chairs, or add a new clean fabric to your chairs, it will make your table area look nicer than it really is. If you recover the fabric on the seats, you can add some thin vinyl to cover them too, and it’ll protect your fabric too.

7. Couches. There are few tricks to dress up an old couch. You can either add a slip cover if the whole couch needs to be hidden. Or you can put a throw along the back if it’s faded where the sun has hit it. If you add cute pillows it will also perk up your old couches.


8. Paint your furniture with chalk paint. If your furniture is cheap, and want it to look trendy, just paint it. You can spray it with primer, then paint it. Or sand it then paint it. Either way should work good.

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