7 Tips For Decorating With What You Already Have

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1. Start with your favorite piece. If you are decorating a room, and not wanting to buy anything new, then pick a piece you love and decorate around that. Use the color and style as a good jumping off point.

2. Add a little to what you already have. You might have a coffee table, but with a light coat of chalky paint and some distressing, you will have a cool new piece of furniture that will be your favorite thing, and you can start decorating around that coffee table. If you already have a lamp, but don’t love it, just re-do the lamp shade, or paint the lamp.

3. Display your collections, or findings. If you love to go to 2nd hand stores, and always look for cool old suitcases, use those findings in a group, and display them. If you go on vacations, and have brought a shell or piece of driftwood home, put them in a group or cluster, and you can decorate a mantel or use them as a centerpiece.

4. Display the things that you don’t need, but just can’t get rid of. I know a lot of people that just store everything! There are so many things that we have that are packed away, but can be used as décor. Our children’s artwork, a fancy platter we have and barely use can be put on display.

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