7 Rules Of Decorating You Should Break

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A lot of rules that were use in decorating can make the style in our homes a little dry. The style right now is a little eclectic. Mixing colors, styles, patterns, and whatever else we want right now IS what looks good. If you’ve been holding back because you heard these rules

when you were little, you can throw them out, and design with what you like and what defines you now.

1. Ceilings need to be white. Adding color to the ceiling can add color and interest to a room. You can pick a color a few shades lighter or darker than your walls, depending on the effect you’re going for. A new trend that is starting is wallpapering the ceiling.

2. Small spaces can’t take dark or bold colors. This isn’t always true. Sometimes in a small room you can add a dark color or a bright color, and it packs a punch because the room is small. It makes a statement without having to paint a big room such a bold color.

bold room

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