7 Organic Ways To Get Rid Of Dandelions

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1. Mow your lawn often. When dandelions are blooming, mow frequently to prevent the yellow blossoms from maturing into seeds.

2. Get them out by the roots. A dandelion digger is a specialized tool that removes a wide variety of individual weeds and their roots, with little soil disturbance. The tool looks like a large screwdriver with the bottom resembling a fish tale. It works by maneuvering it in the soil, parallel to the tap root. With a small pivot, it’s easy to lift the entire plant, root and all.

3. Burn them. As a low tech weed control, pour boiling water over dandelion plants. The neighbors might think you’re crazy, but in 2 or 3 days the plants will look like a herd of elephants walked over them. Incidentally, this method is also effective against orange hawkweed. However, if you’ve got a large area, the best way to control them is to smother them. This is also known as sheet mulching.

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