7 DIY Accent Walls

7 DIY Accent Walls that don't include painting.

Sometimes it gets a little boring thinking about picking out a color and doing another wall to look similar to the rest. Here are some tried and true options that look good, and add a lot of variety and character to the room.

1. Planking. This is a really cool, new twist on wainscoting. We have used reclaimed barn wood in this picture, but you can use cedar planks, and paint them white, or anything else you can find. We just found someone locally that sells the wood, and it turned into a fun easy project.

resized bard wood wall

2. Wainscoting. There are a lot of variations of this. You can keep it simple, and do board and batten, or you can get as fancy as you’d like with ornate wood, and shelves at the top of it. I really love when the wainscoting goes up about 5 feet tall.

board and batten

3. Decals/Stickers. These are really cool for themes, and decorating scenes. If your childs theme is monster trucks, sometimes it can be hard to find things that would be good decorations. Monster truck decals would be really cute, and tie the entire theme together.

4. Chalkboard. This would be good in a play room. You can either put up a big chalk board, or you could do part of the wall out of chalk board. You could also do part out of cork board.

chalk board

5. Wallpaper. This is getting so popular. And it’s so fun for an accent wall, or for a faux look. I think this is the type of project that might be a little tricky the first time. But once you get a system down, it will go a lot faster.

6. Stenciling. This is a good way to do something different or dramatic without the commitment of adding or gluing something to the wall. I thought that stencils would be hard to use, and it would be hard to match everything up and keep your place. It’s not like that at all. They are really simple, and have guides to keep you going in the right places. I can’t wait until I have more time to do my girls rooms with a stencil.

Stenciled Wall 27. Fabric Walls. Fabric dipped in starch will dry and stick to your walls. They won’t leave any marks when removed. Get whatever color fabric you want and cut into whatever shape you want, dip the fabric in the liquid starch, squeeze out any excess (trying not to wrinkle the fabric too much) Then place on the Wall, flatten and let dry.  It works great you can even cover entire walls.

There are really a million things that you can put on your walls, you can mod podge sheet music, or any type of paper. You can glaze your walls, and add texture. I have a friend who had cork board put up in her sons room all over the walls. So, if you can imagine it, you can do it.

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