6 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cozy And Inviting

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With the holidays here, neighbors, friends and family will be dropping by more than usual. Here are some ways to make your home and experiences more pleasant, and make everyone more comfortable. These are good ways to make your house more inviting the whole year too.

1. Light, light, light. This is the biggest way to make your home feel inviting. Lights on the outside of your house, are the first way. Keep your front lights on in the evenings. During the day, open you blinds and let in as much natural light as you can. Having your home well lit will draw people in, and make them feel welcome.

2. Keep the main rooms clean, and free from clutter. If you come in to a messy house, or worse, a “dirty” house, you don’t want to stay. You’re ready to leave as soon as you get there. If you have a hard time keeping your house clean, then try a little harder in the main entry way, and in the rooms where people hang out. They won’t know about the pile of laundry on your bed, and they’ll feel more welcome.

3. Keep your house smelling good. You don’t have to cook all day, there are plenty of air fresheners that work really well. You don’t have to put in a new one everyday, but if you’re expecting people, that would be a great time. It really makes a big difference if your house smells nice.

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