6 Ways To Make A Small Closet More Functional

6 Ways to make a small closet more functional.

During different times in our lives we’ve had anywhere from a tiny, shared closet to and enormous walk-in. And it doesn’t matter the size of the closet, it’s our habits, and what we put in there, that makes the difference as to whether it’s cleaned and organized. The bigger the closet, the more junk that gets stashed and overlooked. Here are some ways to keep your closet neat, and orderly, no matter the size.

1. Add hooks and baskets to your closet. You’ll be surprised how much you use both. The hooks areĀ nice to hang clothes on that you’ve worn, and aren’t dirty, but don’t go back in your closet. Then baskets can be a catch all for things that don’t have a good place. Especially if you don’t have a dresser. I still recommend a

2. Get rid of what you aren’t wearing or using. We’ve heard it a thousand times, but are we living by this rule? “If you haven’t worn it in a year, then get rid of it.” If you didn’t love it in the summer of 2012, do you think you’ll like it more in 2014? I doubt it!

3. Only keep the bare necessities in your closet. You don’t need to store keepsakes in there. There are better places, like under your bed, or in the garage. If you have a dresser, then keep jeans, pants, and anything else that can be folded and won’t get wrinkled in there. Being able to see what you have available makes a big difference. You don’t want you closet overstuffed.

4. Use vertical space. If you have a lot of shoes, you can use an organizer. There are a bunch of kinds that go on the back of doors, or that stand up on the ground. There are belt and tie organizers that really get rid of piles, or things hanging on other hangers

5. Make sure everything hasĀ  a designated spot. This will create less confusion, and fewer piles in the corner of your closet. Keep all of your clothes in specific places. Keep your sweats together, you dress pants together, your jeans together. Put your long sleeved shirts on one side, and you’re short sleeved things on the other side. If you always put a jacket on in the evening, but don’t want to hang it up every time you get it, then keep it on a hook.

6. Don’t keep bins or piles in your closet. Well, if you can see through them, that might be ok. If you fill a bin with all your scarves and hats then put it on top of your shelf, you will forget what’s in there, and replace them without even realizing. Things need to be in plain sight. That way you know what you have. Keeping your closet clean, and in plain view will save you a lot of money in the long run, because you know what you have, and what you really need.

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