5 Ways To Decorate Your Kids Rooms For Cheap

5 Ways to decorate your kid's rooms for cheap!

Home decorating does not have to be an expensive endeavor. And your kids don’t have to take a backseat to costlier priorities in your interior design.  You can easily provide your child a bedroom that’s an attractive and functional expression of their unique personality – even on a shoestring budget.

1. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The best way to save money on decorating your kids room is to use components they already have in their rooms (or maybe that  you already have lying around the house). A bit of elbow grease can transform an old piece of furniture into looking like new. And you can easily alter the appearance of the piece to fit the custom theme of your child’s bedroom with a little paint of the right color. Scavenge your garage, basement, and  attic as well; you’ll never know what great bargains you can find there in  furniture and accessories that would work perfectly well in your kids bedroom.  And speaking of bargains, yard sales and thrift stores are also excellent places  to find affordable pieces that you can easily alter to fit in with the décor.

2. Boxes for All Purposes. Wooden boxes like toy boxes, fruit crates, and old  chests can make great storage spaces or extra seating for a child’s room. Again, with a little paint you can easily transform a plain and ordinary box into a  vibrant and attractive component of your kids bedroom design.

Milk-crate-before-after3. Boards Prevent Boredom. Rather than spending all that time and money repainting a kids bedroom, put up a few bulletin boards made of cork, magnetic  board, or whiteboard. Then your child can tack up or draw anything they like on their walls and take it down or erase it to be replaced by something new  whenever the whim for change strikes them. Bulletin boards are a priceless way  to save countless dollars on redecorating while allowing your child free reign  to decorate parts of their room anew anytime they feel the urge.

4. Make a Project Out of It. If your child has an art project for school, or other such project involving the creation or construction of something, why not  help them to use that opportunity to create something new for their bedroom.  Instead of making something that they’ll only throw away or stick in a closet,  have them instead build something they’d be proud to use in their daily lives,  for example: a pillow, a lampshade, a jewelry box, a pen and pencil holder, a display shelf or bookshelves, window dressings, a piggy bank, etc. You may have to shell out some dough for materials, but at least you’ll be feeding two birds with one seed.

5. All-in-One Solution. One way to affordably accomplish multiple purposes in the decorating of your kids room is to put in it a custom theme bed that acts as a storage space, play space, and study space, as well as sleeping space. Hopefully these suggestions have started you thinking about ways you can  help your child spruce up their bedroom in a way that won’t break the piggy  bank.

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