5 Ways To Add Color To Your Kitchen

5 Fun ways to add color to your kitchen.

1. Your Backsplash. This is a fun way to make a huge difference in the way your kitchen feels. It’s a good DIY project that won’t break the bank. You can find so many cool options at your hardware store.


2. Barstools. I actually just got these barstools, and have absolutely loved them! They brighten up the kitchen, and give it so much style. I would recommend doing something like this if you have a really neutral kitchen.


3. Decorations above your cabinets. This is where you can really use your creativity. When decorating above your cabinets, do clusters, rather than one decoration here, and another one there, do clusters of things. It’ll really tie your whole kitchen together.

4. An antique or colored appliance. There are some new appliances that are colored that look like antiques, but they’re new and work great. I think that’s that way to go. Then you don’t have a big waste of space, or something that looks cool, but doesn’t work.

yellow stove

5. Stain a few cabinets or island. I love the look of this. It allows you to be bold without having too much of an overwhelming color, and it gives you a good start as far as how you want your kitchen to look.


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