5 Things To Know When Decorating With Rugs

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1. Can rugs be used on wall-to wall carpeting?

  • Yes. whenever you decide to place a rug on carpet would  be to make sure that the pile of broadloom is short, otherwise the rug has a tendency to slipall over.

2. How do I use rugs in a house with wood floors?

  • Rugs are great in homes with a lot of wood or tile. It cozies it up, and takes away a lot of echo. You can use large area rugs to divide off different rooms and areas. Under a dining room table, in front of a couch, or in an office, to make it feel softer.

3. Where can I put smaller rugs in my house?

  •  You can place these small rugs and even runners in entryways, along the side of  the bed, in front of a fireplace, a wall hanging, in front or a dresser, or in a bathroom in front of the sink. Delicate and fine rugs are definitely not a good choice for entryways in a busy household.
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