5 Steps To Clean A Leather Couch Like The Pros

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Before you attempt cleaning your leather couch yourself, you need to confirm if your leather couch is made with finished or unfinished leather material. It is best to find out if there is any preferred leather cleaning product or method for your leather couch with the furniture shop owner whom you bought the furniture from.

Begin cleaning process

Step 1. Vacuum your leather couch with low to medium suction power using soft brush attachment to prevent scratching the leather upholstery. You may be surprised with the amount of dust that can be found on your leather couch, especially the space between the seats. Remove any removable cushions or seats, unfold any foldable seats and vacuum the upholstery thoroughly to rid the accumulated dust on your leather sofa.

Step 2. The furniture shop where you bought your leather sofa may recommend particular leather shampoo brand or their imported leather care range if you intend to clean your leather couch yourself. If there is no preferred leather shampoo product given by furniture retailer, then the next safest shampoo can be made by making foam from mild soap like your hair shampoo.

To be safe, apply a small amount of the foam on an inconspicuous area of the leather couch to make sure the leather material can be cleaned using this cleaning method. Take the foam only and use a clean damp cloth to wipe on the couch thoroughly using circular motion. Lather the foam onto the entire couch thoroughly.

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