5 Decorating Tips For Small Rooms

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When you’re decorating a small room or area, there are a few ways that you can make the space usable without making it seem cramped. Use these tips to create an area that you love.

1. Color is important! Light color combinations give the illusion of space.  Neutrals and light blues seem to maximize light and make the walls seem further away. You can make a small area look bigger in contrast to a larger area by painting it a lighter color than the adjoining rooms. Darker colors absorb light and help to close in empty areas. A closet painted lighter than the room that it’s in will help the closet to look larger. Furniture that matches the walls will also make a room seem more open.

2. Furniture choices have an effect on how big your room seems. Tall or bulky furniture makes even a large room seem smaller. You may like this effect in a big living room or bedroom that you want to feel cozier, but smaller rooms can be swallowed up by big furniture. Furniture that has a lower height will  make the ceiling seem further away, opening up the space. You can also select  furniture that has doors to hide clutter, which will also make the space seem larger. Moving couches and beds away from the corners in the room will make the room seem more spacious as well. Hanging pictures that are smaller on a larger wall will give the illusion that the wall is larger.

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