4 Ways To Cut Your Energy Costs

5 Things that will dramatically reduce your energy costs

Insulating your home is really important when it comes to saving money on your energy bill each month. These small improvements make a significant difference in the energy  efficiency of your home. Just do whatever you can afford at the time. This way when you save money by lowering your bills you will be able to make even more improvements.

1. Foam Insulation. Most home improvement stores offer cans of polystyrene foam insulator. When using it, bear in mind that this  type of insulator expands a lot. The excess can always be cut off using a  knife.

Spray the foam carefully around the areas where the wall meets the floor.  Before doing that, remove all of the baseboards. By doing this you will  successfully insulate the room and raise the temperature during the cold  months.

2. Window Insulation Kit. The window insulation kits are really handy. They contain clear plastic sheeting layers, which are taped to your windows. After that you take a hair dryer and seal the layer. It shrinks so that there are no wrinkles. Although, it’s not like looking  through a clear glass window, the quality of the insulation is very high. This might be better in a basement, or rooms that the windows are covered with window treatments, and aren’t window your gaze through.

3. Insulation Strips. These strips can be found everywhere. They are placed on the inside casings of a window or a door. The whole process of installing them takes very little time. If the instructions are followed correctly the stripes will reduce the cold air flows throughout the rooms and significantly raise the temperature.

4. Brush Door Sweeps. These brush style door sweeps come in a variety of  different materials and can be mounted to any type of door. These are mounted to the bottom of a door. This prevents the cold air from getting in. Avoid rubber strips, get really hard in the winter. This will cause them to tear and damage the floor. You won’t have such troubles with the other door sweep  materials.

5. One other great one is to keep your thermostat 2 degrees lower than you normally keep it. This alone will save you a lot of money each month. (In the summer, you would keep it 2 degrees higher)

Taking these steps to make your home more energy efficient can really pay off. You can improve and significantly reduce the costs of your heating bills during the winter and this will make you feel much more comfortable.

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