4 Natural Ways to Have Bright Green Grass

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Weeds are killers! It’s hard to keep them out of your yard, and they look so bad when they are there. If you use these 3 tips, your lawn will look and feel so much better.

1. Naturally prevent weeds with corn gluten meal. Spring is the best time to prevent weeds. Laying down pre-emergent herbicides will prevent them. Use Corn gluten meal in late spring and activate it with water. The corn meal remains effective for five to six weeks. If you choose to, you can apply it again. Keep in mind that herbicides will also prevent new seed growth, so pick whether the lawn needs more seeding or weed-control. (you can find corn gluten meal in the health food section of your supermarket)

2. Re-seed your lawn. By seeding your lawn regularly, are cutting off those competing weeds. You might want to layer a little compost onto the lawn before you plant the seed. Then protect the lawn from foot traffic for a few weeks, and water daily.

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