13 Simple DIY Tips to Improve Your Home’s Efficiency and Save Money

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Second: Simple Fixes You Can Do Yourself

4. Maintain AC system: Replace the filter and clean the coils, call a maintenance company for service regularly.

5. Seal Windows and Doors: If you are wasting A/C through gaps and leaks, and are not in the market for replacing windows right now, start with adding weather stripping, same thing if your doors has gaps.

6. Replace Light Bulbs with More Efficient Varieties. They are as bright as regular bulbs once they’ve been on for a minute. This is a huge one, it saves us so much money each month!

7. Replace Appliances & Components with Energy Star rated units.

8. Replace or repair leaking plumbing: Change the washers, shower heads or toilet tank flapper valve. If you have a worn out flapper valve the tank is constantly leaking and thus refilling. Changing a flapper valve is easy. If you  have leaking hose bibs and a traditional gate valve just tightening the screw that holds on the wheel can often stop the leak.

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