13 Simple DIY Tips to Improve Your Home’s Efficiency and Save Money

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First be Aware: Where are you losing $$$

1. Check for wasting water: Leaky Faucets, Worn out Flapper Valves in the toilet, leaking hose bibs. A fast easy way to check is to turn off everything and go look at your water meter. If the water meter is moving you are leaking  water.

2. Check for wasting A/C: First if your A/C filter is dirty change it, a dirty filter makes the unit work harder. This equals $$$. There is no fixed schedule for changing the filter, every home is different so a visual inspection will let you know when it is time. Second check for gaps in your windows and doors. The more gaps the more you are throwing away $$$ by letting the cool air escape.

3. Look at the location of your outdoor condensing unit. If it is in direct sun all day, consider adding some landscaping to shade the unit this will take some of the strain off.

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