10 Ways To Start Decorating With Gray

10 Ways to decorate with gray

Gray has gotten really popular this year. It’s fun to work with, and really versatile. It can be any color in between black and white, and can also encompass hues with blues, pinks, greens, etc. So matching the right gray can be hard, but it’s such a good starting point when decorating.

It is a good basic to use when decorating with color. Here are some fun ways to incorporate gray in your decorating schemes.

1. Paint your walls a light grey, then add lots of color to that room to brighten it up.
2. Paint an accent wall with a darker gray, and use a lot of white, and other colors to tie it in.
3. Have gray accents, like an accent chair, curtains, or a gray rug, then you can use color on your walls, or in your accessories.
4. You can use a palette of grays, and use all different colors of gray, it’ll create a soothing feel.
5. Tie a mismatched room together with soft grays, it can be a nice go between, especially when you are updating your style.
6. Use grays that have patterns; floral, geometric, striped or soft patterns.
7. Use metallics, particularly silver, these work extremely well with grays to dress them up and add a bit of sparkle! This could be introduced in fabrics, accessories or a feature wallpaper.
8. In a bedroom try using a pale gray for your wall color, then team it with a crisp white bedlinen, white furniture and a sparkling chandelier.
9. Feature a wall in wallpaper, you could do metallic, or a soft gray pattern. There’s a lot to choose from.
10. If you want to lighten the look of your grey room, go for white or cream furniture, and glass accessories.

Gray also looks great when used as a base color and then use accents of a  brighter color to give it a very contemporary feel, hot pinks and yellows are particularly good accent colors with gray.

There are some beautiful gray fabrics around this season, choose from  florals, stripes and tartans. Highland themes are a key trend this autumn/winter, and grey tartan fabrics are a great way to bring this look into your home with a contemporary twist. Use them for curtains, upholstery or as a throw.

Gray is a great neutral color to use and makes a welcome change from all the beige and natural neutrals that we have seen in recent years. So if you want to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your room, try a shade of gray.

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