1 Simple Thing That Makes Your Landscape Pop

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On of the biggest things that helps a yard look clean and manicured is having a definite division between the grass, and the flower beds, or a divisions wherever the grass ends, and something else begins. Grass doesn’t really grow that great right next to the house, and a lot of times it gets sparse and doesn’t look that great.

Before & After

If you just add some decorative curbing it really adds so much in the looks of your house.


Once you get the curb in, some bright colored flowers add so much to your shrubs and trees. If you live in a windy area the new rubber bark is really cool. It is heavier so it doesn’t blow. It also has a 12 year guarantee as far as it not fading.

With all of our experience, real bark blows and fades a lot. It’s a little more expensive, but it definitely pays for itself after the first year.

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