1 Easy Thing That Gets Rid of Hard Water From Windows & Glass For Good

When we first moved into our house one of the first things I noticed was how bad all the hard water spots were on all the windows, and on the glass shower door. Then once we started fiddling with the sprinklers we realized there was no way to avoid spraying a few of the windows.

1 Easy thing that gets rid of hard water from glass and windows for good

We cleaned the windows and put rain-x on all the windows that get water on them. It has made such a big difference. We don’t get the water spots like we used to, because rain-x is designed to repel water, it beads up and rolls off the window. They have a few different kinds. We always just use the rain-x¬†original. If you’re putting it on your windows, they suggest to reapply it every 3 months. In our bathroom shower we probably do it twice as much as that. Just because we have little ones that are constantly touching the glass.

When applying it, you wipe it on, and with a dry cloth wipe off the excess. It’s pretty easy, but you want to start with a clean window. Then that way you can see more clearly how often you need to reapply it. It seems like I spend so much of time cleaning, that when I find a trick that can help cut down on some work, I want to tell other people. If you guys know of anything else or have any other tips, let me know. I’m always curious to know what others do!

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